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Project Description

The JwiK BriK™ is and open source programmable wireless microcontroller designed to simplify building the Internet of Things by combining the most prolific programming language in existence today (Java) with a high performance radio and low cost 8-bit microcontroller to create a true Swiss army knife for networked wireless applications. It is as versatile as your imagination is creative.

The JwiK BriK™ implements a subset of the Java specification using a custom class file format optimized for microcontrollers. The core libraries are all written in C and linked to the Java run-time, allowing application logic to be coded in the most prolific programming language in existing today and executed on a resource restricted 8-bit microcontroller with reasonably good execution speed.

The following Java capabilities ARE NOT supported by JwiK™:
  • Interfaces
  • Threads
  • Exceptions (try/throw/catch/implements)

The JwiK™ VM uses a modified class file format that integrates all classes in a project into one file. It is optimized for space and integrated into a single entity to allow easy storage and retrieval in microcontroller flash and RAM.

The JwiK BriK™ is a DIP style module with 28 pins on .1" spacing and a reverse polarity end-launch SMA connector for antenna connection.

The JwiK™ USB adapter includes a BriK™ along with a base board that includes a USB to UART converter, a bus driven power supply for the module, TX and RX LEDs and a USB Type A plug. A simple plastic enclosure design is also provided as a .STEP file, ready for 3D printing.

This project includes:
  1. Java VM optimized for small footprint and 8-bit microcontroller written in C
  2. Device drivers written in C with native Java wrappers for all peripherals on the microcontroller
  3. Integrated Radio object (ie Radio.SendPacket(myPacket) )
  4. Schematics, PCB layout files, 3D models, Gerbers, BOMs, and other documentation required to build a BriK™
  5. Schematics, PCB layout files, 3D models, Gerbers, BOMs, and other documentation required to build a JwiK™ USB adapter
  6. WinForms project for .NET 4.0 with C# source code JwiK™ IDE - development and build environment for JwiK™

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