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Integrated Development Environment

Java programs are compiled using the free tool chain supplied with JDK. Compilation alone is not sufficient to load a program into flash memory; tools for VMFILE generation, downloading, and on-target debugging are also required.

To that end, we have also created a free open-source IDE written in C# for .NET 4.0 and WinForms.

The IDE provides a syntax highlighting text editor, docking interface, and project manager. The editor is based on the Fast Colored Text Box ( which is open-source. The docking interface is based on DockPanelSuite ( which is also open source.

In general, the IDE provides the following features:
  • Project management - create, open, and manage JwiK™ projects
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Docking document management
  • Automated build system
  • VMFILE generator
  • Automatic program downloading via USB port *
  • Interactive line-level debugger with break-points *

* - Not available yet. These features will be part of the first release, but are not available now.

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