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JwiK™ - Java programmable Wireless Kontroller

This is the main WiKi providing documentation on how to use the JwiK™ design. Once published, this will be the location to find the JavaDoc documentation for the JwiK™ Java libraries, source code documentation for Java VM and class loader, and tutorials on how to use and extend JwiK™. Suggestions are always welcome.


Go here: Updates to find the latest updates on the JwiK™ project. You can also find up to date information on our website at Technical support for our JwiK™ boards and kits will be provided via the forums on that site.


Source Documentation


Rapid prototyping a wireless sensor network is so easy with JwiK™ it should be a crime. The following example can be built in a couple of hours. Complete code samples for this network example will be added soon.

Tutorials and Hacking Guides

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