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JwiK™ is an acronym for Java programmable Wireless Kontroller and is an open source technology developed by Digital Six Laboratories LLC created to greatly simplify creation of the Internet of Things.

JwiK™ includes the following open-source components:
  • A microcontroller optimized Java virtual machine and class loader written in ANSI C
  • A hardware reference design for a module and a USB adapter
  • A windows based IDE

Java VM and Class Loader

The JwiK™ VM and class loader C program is currently targeted at the MRF-xxx-TCMP module and its 8051 microcontroller. The platform independent code is segregated in the project so that it is common to all platform specific builds. A separate platform dependent directory contains files that are specific to a platform. The entire project is organized so that it can easily be ported to different targets by creating new platform specific directories containing the required files; it can support IDE or makefile type builds. A porting guide is planned. The entire source tree is open source under the MIT license.

The hardware reference design is capable of FCC modular certification; we plan to offer FCC certified modules soon. We call this module the JwiK BriK™; it is a DIP style module with .1" pin spacing and can be used on bread boards and production PCBs alike.

A second reference design is for a USB adapter for the JwiK BriK™ to allow a BriK™ to communicate with a PC using a USB to serial converter. The USB adapter is required for program downloading and debugging.

Both hardware reference designs include schematic, PCB layout, and bill of materials files in the source Altium Designer format, Excel spreadsheet, and PDF format where applicable.

Example JwiK™ Program
JwiK™ Integrated Development Environment

The JwiK™ IDE provides a complete automated build environment with project management and line level debugging. It is written in C# for .NET 4.0 and WinForms and is completely free and open source.

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